Off The Water

Living the Outdoor Lifestyle

From the time I was a young boy, I have had a fascination with nature. It was an environment where time stood still, an environment free from the ticking of a clock, the constant bombardment of emails and social media updates, and the overall noise of man-made progress. In nature, aesthetic beauty breathes creativity, optimism, and oneness with our homo sapien, hunter and gatherer history.

Since I was old enough to walk, I can recall hunting with my father. From getting smacked with branches to the face in below freezing conditions to being carried through the woods after crying "Daddy, Hold You," I learned the beginnings of adversity, and hard work. Like many things in life, what seems bad in the moment may turn out to be a metaphor for life's tribulations. Likewise, my mother religiously took us to parks, entered my family into nature programs, led us in Boy Scouts, and encouraged a wonderment towards nature. Before I knew it, coming home from the Hunt Club was like the high of coming back from a summer camp just to return to every day existence, it's really hard! You begin to dream about the outdoors during the week, long for the days off so that you can return to this nirvana. You begin to lay out your clothes days in advance for what you will wear hunting, daydream about scenarios in the woods and memories of the wilderness. In conclusion, you have acquired one of the most addictive, mind-altering intoxicants known to man-kind, a love for the outdoors.

Today, my love for the outdoors has not diminished in the slightest. The simple joy of breathing in the fresh Virginia air shows me that life is good. Whether it be sitting in a tree stand, chasing birds with my female G-SP Madison, a.k.a. Maddie Light, or taking pictures with my Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition, the outdoors is where I am meant to be. Be a mentor to the youth in your area, take a kid hunting or fishing, and most of all spread the love!