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Culprit Soft Plastics have been catching bass since the 1970's with the introduction of the Original Worm. Since then Culprit has expanded their line of soft plastics but the same quality assurance remains

Heath Gates

Established in 1977, CowanGates provides personal and professional legal services to individuals, families and businesses. Our attorneys participate in charitable community and civic activities, providing clients with a truly community-based approach. Please contact our firm to schedule your consultation related to family law, civil litigation, criminal defense, real estate, personal injury, employment law, business law or estate planning.


SpoolTek strives to move the peg forward along the timeline of innovative fishing lures. We seek to take raw innovative ideas, put them to the grindstone that is optimization until we've honed hyper-effective, disruptive baits. We subscribe to the highest level of customer service and are adamant that the dialogue between customer and company is as strong as possible. - spoolteklures.com

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Enigma Fishing was born out of the desire to take the next step, jump the next hurdle and take fishing to another — higher — level, while advancing the cause of the angler and creating opportunities for those who want to use their passion to find a place in the fishing industry.

Reelsnot is is a Reel and Line Lubricant designed by fishermen, for fishermen. Reelsnot is eco-friendly, non-aerosol, odorless and will not cause any wear and tear on your line like other products. It will also help in cold weather conditions to keep your line moving freely through your reel. We have all seen and used other products that say they can do it, but Reelsnot can prove it!